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You can commission a custom and unique artwork for your very own!

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Beginners Alcohol Ink Workshop [ONLINE]


Can’t attend a workshop of mine physically?

No worries. I now have an online workshop for beginners and a support chat group to help you along the way! Clap Clap Hooray!

Everyone has been asking and I have been wanting to create it, so I’ve finally delivered. I am so super excited to share what I love doing every day with you and hope you can enjoy the happiness creating your very own alcohol ink art in your own home. 

Learn the basics to be able to create your own artwork. No experience is necessary,  just some time, a small space, and perhaps a drop sheet or old bedsheet to put down. It can get messy. 

Once you have purchased the link you will be emailed with instructions and a code, to join a Facebook group with pre-recorded videos and a material list. 

Inside my Facebook group, there will be a list of links on where to buy materials (online craft stores or in-store)

There are 3 main materials that are essential, the other materials are optional. 

Approximate cost of materials will be $50-$70. (The same investment if you were attending one in person however you get to keep these materials to keep playing).

In my physical workshops, I usually get questions, so in this private closed group you will be able to ask questions on anything you are unsure about and I can respond. 

Once you have purchased the link, it will be yours for life, so you can watch the workshop over and over if you need to.  

The workshop goes for approximately one hour. 

I look forward to welcoming you to a whole new world of vibrant fun and creativity. 

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